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This year we are delighted to announce five fantastic keynote speakers: Prof Dame Nancy Rothwell, Prof David Colquhoun, Prof Tony Kouzarides, Prof Simon Tavaré, and Dr Helen Lee.

Prof Nancy RothwellProfessor Dame Nancy Rothwell (DBE, DL, FRS, FMedSci) is President and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Manchester, Co-Chair of the Prime Minister’s Council for Science and Technology, and a non-executive director of AstraZeneca. She is the founding President of the Society of Biology, and has devoted much time and energy to public engagement, including the 1998 Royal Institution Christmas Lecture on The Secrets of Life. Her early research in physiology focused on obesity and energy balance regulation. Now, in addition to her many leadership commitments, she retains an active role with her research group studying the role of inflammation following stroke and brain haemorrhage. Professor Rothwell’s accolades include the 2003 Pfizer Research Prize, and a place among the Times Higher Education’s list of the UK’s top 100 practicing scientists in 2014.

Prof David ColquhounProfessor David Colquhoun (FRS) is an Emeritus Professor of pharmacology at University College London. His primary research focuses on electrical impulse transmission through single ion channels in nerve cell membranes. To study the molecular interactions between neurotransmitters and their receptors, his research also draws from areas of biophysics and mathematical biology. Professor Colquhoun is a vocal public critic of pseudoscience, alternative medicine, and scientific fraud. Arguments against these “anti-science” practices are often presented on his popular blog, DC’s Improbable Science, which was co-winner of the first UK Science Blog Prize in 2012.

Prof Tony KouzaridesProfessor Tony Kouzarides (FRS, FMedSci) is the deputy director of the Gurdon Institute and a Professor of Cancer Biology at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on chromatin modification and its role in genetic regulation and repair in normal and cancerous cells. In 2013, he received both the Heinrich Wieland Prize and the Novartis Medal and Prize for his pioneering work in epigenetics. He is the founder and director of the Spanish cancer charity “Vencer el Cancer” (Conquer Cancer), and is a founder of two UK-based biotech companies – Abcam and Chroma Therapeutics.

Prof Simon TavareProfessor Simon Tavaré (FRS, FMedSci) is Director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute (CRUK CI), and a Professor in both the Department of Oncology and the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics at the University of Cambridge. His diverse research interests include: the statistical analysis of cancer genomics data; theoretical population genetics; mathematical models of cancer evolution; and stochastic computation to enable probabilistic modeling of complex biological phenomena. Professor Tavaré is also the Director of the Wellcome Trust’s Mathematical Genomics and Medicine PhD program.

Dr Helen LeeDr Helen Lee is Director of Research in the Department of Haematology at the University of Cambridge. Her early research yielded the successful development of monoclonal blood typing reagents and a monoclonal antibody assay for hepatitis B. In 2002, she founded Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd to commercialize her development of diagnostic kits suitable for infectious disease testing in developing countries. Dr Lee has received numerous achievement awards for her work, including the 2005 Lord Lloyd of Kilgerran Award for “a person who has applied science and technology for the benefit of society.”