Photography Competition

New to this year is our inaugural photography competition. There will be two categories: firstly ‘Scientific Imagery’, where you can submit any photograph associated with science, for example microscopic images, astronomical photography, macros of insects or any other sort of wildlife photography and so on.

Second, we have ‘Science Lives’, where we ask you to submit a photograph that illustrates your life in research. For example, the view from your office window, a photograph taken on your commute, an otherwise empty library at 2am or your tea break without which you wouldn’t get through the day!

To enter, please email your photographs to by 6th January 2017. Entries will be shortlisted and voted on by a panel of judges, with winners notified shortly before the symposium. The winning photographs will be displayed on the eSCAMPS website and shared on our social media pages, and there will be a prize for the winning finalist in each category.