Cathy Sorbara

Cathy received an undergraduate degree in Medical Science at the University of Western Ontario and a Masters in Biochemistry from the University of Ottawa in Canada in 2009. From there, she travelled to Munich, Germany and completed her PhD in Medical Life Science and Technology in 2014 at the Technical University of Munich. Her dissertation focussed on the molecular mechanisms which lead to axon degeneration in Multiple Sclerosis.

Cathy then decided to try her hand at a career outside the laboratory setting and, using her passion in science communication as a guide, became a publishing editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry. From there she shifted gears to help other academics find their own passion.  She is currently the Chief Operations Officer of Cheeky Scientist, a training platform for academics who want to transition into industry. She manages the operations of all company programs and initiatives. Cathy is a lead developer of the Association’s training program and the chair of the Association’s private group. 

She also cares about strengthening the voice of women in science and, as such, is a steering member in the Cambridge AWiSE, a regional network for women in science, engineering and technology in both industry and academia.